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Conferencias @ Museo Colonial de Bogotá


Comparative European Legal History: Roman Law and the Ius Commune (Dr. Kenneth Pennington)

Curso Livre de História do Brasil (UniveSP @ USP)

"Imagining the Conquest" (Dr. Kevin Terraciano)

When Cortés Met Malinche, and Montezuma Met Cortés: Alternative Facts and Disturbing Truths (Dr. Matthew Restall)

“The Immediacy of Antiquity: Reconstructing Aztec Epic History” (Dr. Peter Villella)

"Los mitos de la Conquista" | Dr. Antonio Rubial García

Seminário Permanente de História do Direito da UFC - 28/04/2020 - Prof. Dr. Renzo Honores

"Spain in Louisiana" (Ida Altman)

“Precolumbian Land Systems” (R. Douglas Cope)

"The Trans Pacific Silver Trade and Early-Modern Globalization” (Dr. Ashleigh Dean)

Sephardic History: Part 6 (w/ Professor Benjamin Gampel) - the 1492 Expulsion of the Jews


Just how DID the Aztecs see the Conquistadors?

Dr. Bianca Premo and Dr. Yanna Yannakakis, "A Court of Sticks and Branches" on native jurisdiction in the Americas (@AHR)

"Antijudaism" (Dr. David Nirenberg)

Archivio di Stato di Roma examines a manuscript detailing early modern Italian witchcraft prosecution


Kingdom, Empire and Plus Ultra (interviews conducted by historian Dr. Edward Collins)

Historias - The SECOLAS Podcast

15 Minute History @UTexas (wide range of historical topics, including Iberian and Latin American ones, such as the Inquisition, the Pueblo Revolt, slavery, Independence, and the trans-Pacific trade)

New Work in (Colonial Latin American) Ethnohistory

Anti-Jewish Riots in 1391 Valencia, Spain

The Mediterranean in the Age of Global Piracy

"Moriscos and Iberian Thought" @ Ottoman History Podcast

Historias, The Spanish History Podcast (Dr. Foster Chamberlin)

Pulperías - Podcast del Museo Colonial y de Santa Clara de Bogotá

Historically Thinking

Interventions: The Intellectual History Podcast (Daniel Allemann)

The Tides of History (Dr. Patrick Wyman)

BLOGS (Spain):

EM Spanish History (Blog with updates on the field and links to many useful sites)

Los Moriscos de Túnez

Ballandalus (Blog dedicated to medieval Iberia and North Africa)

Moriscos del Reino de Granada (Blog managed by Carlos Javier Garrido García)

Literatura de Mudéjares y Moriscos

Documentos Canarios (@ El Museo Canario)

Historia Japonesa (Spanish-Japanese Links in the Early Modern Period)

Lucy Pick Books: Reading and Writing History and Fiction (and sometimes food)


BLOGS (Latin America):

Prof. Laura Matthew on "Gracias al sacar"

La América Española

The Spanish Invasion (NEH Summer Institute for School for School Teachers)

Los Reinos de las Indias

Paleografías Americanas


Blogs - Paleografía

Natalia Silva Prada - Real Cédula 1536. Traslado de esclavos

Videoclase de Paleografía -Leer escritura antigua-

BLOGS (Diverse/Other):

Race, Racism and the Middle Ages (@ The Public Medievalist)

Arte y demás historias

The Making of Legal Knowledge (Legal history blog compiled by group Giuristi in rete)

Legal History Blog (scope much wider than Iberian Atlantic, but worth watching)

Rechtsgeschiedenis Blog

Not Even Past History Blog @UTexas (wide variety of topics, including some Latin American)

Buen Camino (documentary on Univ. Arkansas student trip to the Camino de Santiago)

Hacking the Humanities

WATCH - Historically-themed television:

Isabel (la Católica)

Carlos Rey Emperador (Carlos V)

A Muralha (Brasil colonial)




Malintzin, la historia de un enigma

Los Aztecas: Capítulo I, El Origen


Una arteria del imperio (Panamá colonial​)

How Interpreters Helped Topple the Aztec Empire (@NativLang)

Aztecs: Arrival of Cortes and the Conquistadors (@Kings and Generals)

Fall of Tenochtitlan (1521) - Spanish-Aztec War (@Kings and Generals)

San Basilio del Palenque: A "free town" formed by Africans who escaped slavery in Colombia

Crónicas de las Indias. Documentos antiguos de la Biblioteca Nacional de Antropología e Historia (INAH TV)

Evangelización y manuscritos en lenguas indígenas (INAH TV)

more coming soon!

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